Is Chiropractic Neck Cracking Safe?

“Are you sure you won’t snap my neck?” “What if you paralyze me?”   Due to the rise of the YouTube wanna-be-chiropractors, these are questions that Chiropractor Joe Abbott often hears.   Even during clinical practice sessions, clients can still be slightly sceptical. For sure, Joe will be the first to admit that chiropractic neck […]

30th June 2021

How to Recognise and Improve Bad Posture

‘Don’t slouch!’ But good posture is about more than just appearance.  Being able to recognise and improve bad posture will have a positive effect on your health and overall well being.  Your posture is linked to your mood, improving your digestive system and boosting your confidence.  Sitting or standing in the correct posture can help […]

22nd August 2019
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