Are sweet potatoes healthier than white potatoes?

Are sweet potatoes healthier than white potatoes?

By Nordic Balance

In recent years, there has been a lot of hype around sweet potatoes and the apparent health benefits they hold over their white counterparts.  But is it just hype, or is there truth in the rumours?  In this post, we put an end to the great debate and answer the question so many people have been asking – are sweet potatoes healthier than white potatoes?


Sweet Potatoes v’s White Potatoes – what’s the difference?


While sweet and white potatoes are both tuberous root vegetables, they differ in appearance and taste. As they come from separate plant families, sweet potatoes the morning glory family, Convolvulaceae, and white potatoes are nightshades, or Solanaceae, they offer different nutrients and affect your blood sugar in different ways.  Sweet potatoes are often hailed as being healthier than white potatoes, but, both types can be highly nutritious.


Which are more nutritious – Sweet or White Potatoes?


While both types of potato contain similar amounts of calories, protein, and carb content, white potatoes provide more potassium, whereas sweet potatoes much higher in vitamin A.  Sweet potatoes are high in antioxidants that help fight cell damage in your body while white potatoes contain compounds called glycoalkaloids, which have been proven to be anti-cancerous.


Different levels of GI


Different types of potatoes differ in their GI, which indicates how a certain type of food affects your blood sugar.  Foods with a GI of 70 or higher cause a more rapid increase in blood sugar compared with foods with a medium GI of 56–69 or a low GI of 55 or less.


Depending on the type and cooking process, sweet potatoes may have a GI of 44–94. The GI of regular potatoes also varies, with baked white potatoes having a GI of 111.


In summary, both sweet and white potatoes provide fibre, vitamins, minerals, and energizing carbs and can fit into a balanced diet that includes a variety of other healthy foods.


At Nordic Balance, we believe that the key to sustained, long term healthy living comes through eating a healthy, balanced diet, enjoying the occasional treat but being in control of what you eat and drink. These are key to helping you to manage your weight and keep a healthy balance.


Find out more about nutritional services at Nordic Balance St James’s SW1.

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