Physio Approved: Warm-Up Exercises to Do Before Your Winter Workout

As the chill of winter sets in, it’s more important than ever to adapt your exercise routine to the colder weather. Kaylee, our expert physiotherapist at Nordic Balance, is here to guide you through the essential warm-up exercises to do before your winter workout. With her extensive experience in physiotherapy, Kaylee understands the unique challenges that the cold […]

29th November 2023

A Physiotherapist’s Guide to Avoiding Common Ski Injuries

As the crisp air signals the arrival of winter, the mountains call out to skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts. The thrill of gliding down snowy slopes is unmatched, but it’s accompanied by the risk of injuries that can dampen the spirit of the season. I’m Kaylee, a physiotherapist at Nordic Balance, and I’m here to guide […]

28th November 2023

What is prehabilitation? The key to avoiding sports-related injuries

While pushing to improve your technique and achieving results are both important parts of workout regimes, another essential element (yet one which is all too often overlooked) is recovery or ‘prehabilitation’.    What do we mean by the term prehabilitation?    Whether you’re a runner, a gym bunny, you cycle, play football, or just enjoy […]

22nd February 2021
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