Physio Approved: Warm-Up Exercises to Do Before Your Winter Workout

As the chill of winter sets in, it’s more important than ever to adapt your exercise routine to the colder weather. Kaylee, our expert physiotherapist at Nordic Balance, is here to guide you through the essential warm-up exercises to do before your winter workout. With her extensive experience in physiotherapy, Kaylee understands the unique challenges that the cold […]

29th November 2023

5 Reasons Why You Should Work With a Personal Trainer

Are you struggling to get back into the gym, feeling unmotivated post-lockdown or simply not seeing results from your hard work?   A personal trainer (PT) could help. A personal trainer can be a great resource from tailored training programs designed for weight loss or gains, improved motivation or guidance on improving technique.   A personal […]

5th July 2021

The Pros and Cons of Barbell, Dumbbell & Kettlebell Training

When walking into our gym in St James’s, you will find that, like most gyms, there is a weights area kitted out with kettlebells, squat racks, smith machines, barbells and free weights and you may be a frequent user of these tools,, but have you ever considered the differences and what the pros & cons […]

5th August 2020

Prevent Injury with Progressive Overload

Getting back to the gym after months of lockdown & home workouts? Physiotherapist Abi Onuoha offers some general points to be mindful of to allow your body to adapt to any new regime/loading in the gym. The aim of progressive overload is to avoid overtraining and thus prevent injury. If you haven’t been training at […]

29th July 2020

Benefits of Foam Rolling Where & How to Use a Foam Roller

The benefits of foam rolling have become widely accepted. Now a staple in training programs worldwide, from elite sports teams who use it as part of their warm-up before every training session, to individuals who just want to use it to improve flexibility or relieve pain from high volumes of training. Unfortunately, there is still […]

15th May 2020

What is Plyometric Training & How to Incorporate it into Your Training

Firstly, let’s clarify what Plyometric Training is. Plyometric training, also known as jump training or ‘plyos’, is a group of exercises in which muscles exert maximum force in short intervals to increase power. (ref. Wiki)   Originating in Eastern Europe, most Olympic athletes used it, and scientists/researchers and coaches noticed the strength and explosiveness the […]

9th April 2020

How to Get Fit for Ski Season

If you are someone who can’t wait for the temperature to drop so that you can hit the slopes, you may be thinking about how to get fit for ski season.  Because the majority of us only ski a few months of the year, and because skiing involves so many muscle groups, it can take […]

29th October 2019

10 Simple Strength and Conditioning Exercises You Can Do in the Gym

We have put together 10 simple strength and conditioning exercises you do can at the gym. Adding these tried and tested exercises to your regime for 10 minutes a day really can make all the difference to your overall strength and core stability. As well as playing a crucial role in weight control and fitness […]

17th September 2019
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