Benefits of Natural Therapies in Supporting Women’s Health

Benefits of Natural Therapies in Supporting Women’s Health

By Nordic Balance

National Women’s Health Week, which runs from the 8th to the 14th of May, is a week-long campaign aimed at promoting women’s health and wellbeing. As part of the campaign, we explore the benefits of natural therapies in supporting women’s health.


The results of the recent GOV.UK ‘Women’s Health – Let’s talk about it’ survey revealed an urgent need for a more open, frank discussion about women’s health. 


The survey revealed that less than 1 in 5 women surveyed believe that they have enough information on menstrual wellbeing (17%). And this figure drops down to less than 1 in 10 when it comes to the topic of menopause (9%).


As part of women’s health week, we wanted to take a look at the role of natural therapies in women’s health and how they help support women, especially at key times in their life, such as pre and post-pregnancy and menopause.


The Benefits of Natural Therapies in Supporting Women’s Health


In order to address these problems, we need to open up the conversations. It’s essential that we all create a culture where talking about menopause, pregnancy and other health conditions is not only acceptable but encouraged. 


Natural therapies, such as physiotherapy and osteopathy, are all about helping women understand and address their specific symptoms. Having a safe space to go and address underlying issues affecting their physical and mental health. These sessions are designed to bridge the gap between specialist treatments and a personal understanding of your own body. 


The Benefits of Treating Menopausal Symptoms with Physiotherapy


With a physiotherapist’s help, you can reduce distressing menopausal symptoms as well as make you feel supported, calmer and happier in yourself.


Treatment may include an individualised pelvic floor programme, abdominal and core strengthening exercises, and a general exercise programme. They may also provide advice on nutrition, sleep, mental wellbeing, lifestyle modifications and self-management strategies.


Whatever your personal experiences may be, physiotherapy can help support you through the perimenopausal phase of your life.


Find out more about the benefits of treating menopausal symptoms with physiotherapy >> 


The Benefits of Post-Pregnancy Physiotherapy for New Mums


Post-Pregnancy Physiotherapy can be a real lifesaver in the early few days and weeks following childbirth. The treatments are bespoke and aim to help Mums feel themselves again, regain their body strength and avoid long term health issues.


The common issues addressed by Post-Pregnancy Physiotherapy include:

– Caesarean section pain or swelling

– Perineal pain, bruising or tenderness.

– Breastfeeding complications: engorgement, blocked ducts, nipple pain or damage

– Constipation

– Bladder leakage, bladder urgency or lack of sensation to urinate.

– Pelvic pain (difficulty walking, going upstairs or handling weight)

– Neck pain or back pain

– Abdominal gap (Diastasis recti)


Post-Pregnancy Physiotherapy can also help to guide your return to exercise after pregnancy, helping you to reach your previous fitness level over a suitable period and at safe intensity levels


Find out more about the benefits of post-pregnancy physiotherapy for new mums >> 


How Natural Therapy can Aid Breastfeeding and Lactation


Breastfeeding may be natural, but it is not always easy. As IBCLCs (International Board-Certified Lactation Consultants), the most common concerns we see include painful breastfeeding and worries about whether your baby is getting enough milk.


IBCLCs are hugely experienced feeding specialists, in both everyday challenges and complex circumstances.


A one to one with a trained breastfeeding specialist can help you get a more comfortable and more effective latch, understand your key performance indicators, increase your milk supply, and identify the root cause of any feeding issues that you might be experiencing.


Find out more about how natural therapies can support breastfeeding and lactation >> 


Other Ways that Women can Support their Wellbeing: 


With specific, dedicated health services, women can identify the best ways to manage the health issues that they are currently facing. This means receiving targeted care, fast and effective solutions, and getting actionable advice about how they can support their wellbeing outside of the sessions. 


Alongside regular natural therapy sessions, women can generally support their health by adopting nourishing, conscientious lifestyle choices. 


This includes following a healthy, nutrient-rich diet, protecting your mental health (particularly during a period of major change, such as pregnancy or menopause) and learning more about any symptoms that may be affecting you.


If you have any questions about lifestyle, diet or general health, a natural therapy session is a perfect place to ask them! These sessions are designed to be personally tailored, in order to provide the best possible form of support to you.


There is also a wide range of brilliant digital resources out there for you to use, including helplines and charities focused on promoting women’s health:

For personalised guidance and support take a look at the range of services offered by our London based Physiotherapists and Osteopaths.

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