Plantar Fasciitis Treatment A Clients Story From Pain to Recovery

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment A Clients Story From Pain to Recovery

By Nordic Balance

Have you found yourself struggling to wear your favourite shoes or to hit your stride on your daily run? Maybe you are waking up with pain in your feet or find that by the end of the day, you struggle to walk around. If so, you could be experiencing symptoms of plantar fasciitis. In this article, we explore Jo’s journey with plantar fasciitis, a common yet debilitating foot condition, and how she found her way to recovery through a variety of holistic natural treatments.


Practising Yoga Asanas. Learn more at Nordic Balance London.Jo’s Story: Plantar Fasciitis Symptoms…


It’s a familiar tale for many who have found themselves battling the pain and limitations that come with this common foot condition.


For Jo, owner of Nordic Balance and an avid fitness enthusiast, what began as minor discomfort gradually evolved into a daily battle with pain.


“I went from an average of 15,000 steps a day to 25,000 when we got our new dog. This, coupled with very poor footwear (flip flops during the summer) resulted in a bit of soreness in my feet, which I would experience after my walks. To begin with, I actually ignored the foot pain. That was until it became so sore I could not put my foot down when I stood up after dinner.”


Effective Plantar Fasciitis Treatment


Despite attempting to soldier through the discomfort, Jo eventually sought relief through a steroid injection. This provided much-needed, but only temporary, respite. As the effects waned, Jo began to struggle with foot pain levels fluctuating from manageable to debilitating;


“I started to see (casually) the Nordic Balance physios, but I was still in denial! I went for therapy, but just a couple of times because I didn’t take my issue seriously.”


Therapy for plantar fasciitis


For someone who thrived on outdoor adventures like hiking, the limitations imposed by plantar fasciitis were a tough pill to swallow, but taking her symptoms seriously was Jo’s first step in the right direction;


“On a good day, I can hobble to the tube and just about finish a working day with 6/10 pain. On not-so-good days, it starts early, and I end up not being able to stand on my leg at all. It has impacted my life massively as I normally do a lot of hiking (3peaks, Snowden, Norway, Scotland and so on), these are serious walks. But I have not been able to plan anything, let alone do anything! I can’t even walk my beloved dog, and of late, I have had to use my daughter’s scooter! I get a lot of funny looks and even angry looks when I cycle inside the park.”  


Recovery from Plantar Fasciitis


Now on the road to recovery, Jo understands the need for a targeted approach to dealing with plantar fasciitis – even if that means saying goodbye to some of her favourite things.

“I now have to use shoes with specific insoles (no more flip flops on long walks!) or that are ‘friendly’ for the feet. Socially I can’t use the shoes I want (Yes, this is a small problem, but I LOVE my shoes), this gets me down and makes me a bit grumpy sometimes!”


Shockwave Therapy for Plantar Fasciitis



A Comprehensive Approach to Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis


Jo’s recovery journey highlighted the importance of a well-rounded and long-term approach. After realising she needed targeted treatment, she tried various therapies that each played a role in her healing process.


Physiotherapy was key to Jo’s recovery. Regular sessions with her physiotherapist, Beth, helped her address the root cause of her pain. Through a personalised exercise plan, Jo strengthened her foot muscles, providing lasting relief and improving her foot function. Beth focused on stretches for the back of Jo’s legs to reduce stress on her plantar fascia, especially where it attaches to the heel.


Dry Needling complemented her physiotherapy by targeting and relaxing tight muscle knots, reducing tension in the fascia. This technique helped relieve chronic pain and made daily activities easier, enhancing the benefits of her physiotherapy exercises.


Shockwave Therapy was another effective treatment in Jo’s plan. Using high-energy sound waves, this therapy promoted healing in the affected tissues. It provided another layer of pain relief and sped up Jo’s recovery, working well with the muscle strengthening and tension reduction from her other therapies.


Podiatrist makes custom insoles for shoe to treat plantar fasciitis

Podiatry and Custom Insoles also played a vital role in Jo’s journey. She now wears shoes with special insoles that support her arches and distribute pressure more evenly across her feet. This change significantly reduced her symptoms, allowing her to walk more comfortably and resume some of her favourite activities.


Jo’s physiotherapist, Beth, also introduced a Progressive Calf and Plantar Fascia Loading Programme to address strength and endurance deficits, ensuring she could handle daily activities better. This included a progressive exercise plan for the main muscle groups of her lower legs, making sure her plantar fascia wasn’t taking too much load. These exercises were tailored to everyday movements and positions.


These treatments together showed the effectiveness of a comprehensive approach to managing and healing plantar fasciitis. By combining physiotherapy, dry needling, shockwave therapy, custom insoles, and targeted exercises, Jo saw significant improvements in her condition.


Jo’s journey with plantar fasciitis highlights the importance of seeking professional help and taking the condition seriously when symptoms appear. Through treatment and guidance from Nordic Balance, Jo is finding ways to overcome the challenges posed by plantar fasciitis and regain control over her daily activities.


To find out how we can help you deal with plantar fasciitis, get in touch today. If you are a runner or avid walker, check out our article on how to detect and treat plantar fasciitis.



If you are a runner or avid walker, check out our article on how to detect and treat Plantar Fasciitis. an

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