Prevent Injury with Progressive Overload

Prevent Injury with Progressive Overload

By Nordic Balance

Getting back to the gym after months of lockdown & home workouts? Physiotherapist Abi Onuoha offers some general points to be mindful of to allow your body to adapt to any new regime/loading in the gym.

The aim of progressive overload is to avoid overtraining and thus prevent injury. If you haven’t been training at the same intensity at home that you were in the gym prior to lockdown, it’s likely that your ‘capacity to load’ will have decreased. Acknowledge and accept this!

Avoid Injuries with Progress Overload

Over time, slowly expose yourself to higher intensities, longer durations and increased density/frequencies. No absolutes can be given here, unfortunately, but be systematic and sensible about it. Rushing in for that 150kg hip thrust won’t serve you well on the first session back if you’ve been doing just bodyweight ones at home.

Ensure You Allow Time for Adequate Recovery 

Consider sleep, nutrition and adequate recovery time between sessions. No rocket science here: sleep and eat well and participate in activities outside of the gym to help you wind-down and ‘give space’ e.g. yoga.

Respect General Stress & Fatigue

An accumulation of mental stressors in our newly busy lives can also increase the load placed upon us. Take care of your wellbeing by managing these stressors as best you can. As Boris would say… stay alert!

There are a huge amount of individual differences that will govern how we can each tolerate physical and mental load on the body.

If you’re unsure of how to get back to training in the gym safely and effectively, find yourself a personal trainer/coach that can guide you. If you have a low training age, the right programme for you could lie within the art and mastery of a coach, who’s programmes are governed by evidence-based training principles.

Most importantly, do what you enjoy, what makes you happy and what feels good.

Nordic Balance St James’s 6 Week Transformation Plan

he lockdown has been tough for many reasons, and for lots of people, we’ve heard how they just couldn’t get into online training. Spending months inside, with little exercise, has had an effect and we know how hard it is to get going again.

Our Transformation Plan is the perfect kick-start for your fitness regime A 6-week programme, our Transformation Plan combines 3 personal training sessions a week, sports massage every other week, nutritional advice and we even throw in a free Fitbit (so that we can keep track of how you’re doing when you’re not with us).
If you’re keen to get your fitness back on track then get in touch with us today.

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