Discover the Boardroom Climbing Wimbledon

Discover the Boardroom Climbing Wimbledon

By Nordic Balance

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve partnered with Boardroom Climbing Wimbledon to offer Nordic Balance clients an exclusive offer on their bouldering safety course – a must for anyone starting their climbing adventure!


Introducing Boardroom Climbing Wimbledon


entrance of boardroom climbing centre in wimbledon. Image shows climbing walls.


Known for its friendly vibe and stellar climbing setups, Boardroom Climbing in Wimbledon is the go-to spot for climbers of all skill levels.


They have everything from bouldering to comprehensive climbing courses to give you a well-rounded climbing experience.


The Boardroom Climbing is not just Wimbledon’s first indoor bouldering gym and climbing shop; it’s a beacon for fitness enthusiasts looking for a new challenge.


Located in the Centre Court Shopping Centre and sprawling across 10,000 sq ft, this climbing haven boasts an impressive array of facilities, including a state-of-the-art Kilter Board and Moon Board, making it a climber’s paradise. And the best part? It’s conveniently situated less than a minute from Wimbledon Station, making it easily accessible for everyone.


Designed with adults in mind, the climbs at The Boardroom Climbing are also suitable for teenagers and children, provided an experienced adult climber accompanies them. This inclusivity ensures that climbing enthusiasts of all ages can enjoy the thrill of bouldering in a safe and welcoming environment.


The Boardroom Climbing also offers a delightful café experience. It serves excellent locally roasted coffee alongside a selection of locally sourced cakes and light snacks. It’s the perfect spot to refuel after a climbing session or to relax and socialise with fellow climbers.


Exclusive Offer: Discover the Boardroom Climbing Wimbledon


We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Boardroom Climbing in Wimbledon. Nordic Balance customers can now enjoy an exclusive 50% discount on their Bouldering Safety Course.


If you’ve been searching for a new hobby, now is the perfect time to embark on a climbing adventure. Simply use the promo code NORDIC when booking. Sign up today!


Climbing: A Blend of Fun, Fitness, and Mindfulness


female climbs wall as friends watch - boardroom climbing wimbledon


Climbing and bouldering are not just about physical fitness; they’re an exhilarating way to challenge yourself with the bonus of fun.


However, like any sport, climbing involves risk. Common issues climbers face include pulley injuries, tendonitis, and the occasional ankle sprain. But fear not; these can largely be sidestepped with a mindful approach to warming up, cooling down, and technique.


Avoiding Common Climbing Injuries


Climbing and bouldering are fantastic ways to stay fit and challenge yourself, and they are incredibly fun. However, like any physical activity, they come with their own set of risks. Common climbing injuries include pulley injuries, tendonitis, ankle sprains or fractures, rotator cuff injuries, and cuts and abrasions.


A proper warm-up and listening to your body are essential to preventing these injuries and ensuring a safe and enjoyable climbing experience.


Pre-Climb Warm-Ups – Key to Avoiding Injuries


Dynamic stretches are your pre-climb essentials, preparing your body ahead of your visit to Boardroom Climbing Wimbledon.


Incorporate these five dynamic stretches to get started:


Arm Circles: Start with small circles and gradually make them bigger. This will get your shoulders all warmed up, which is crucial because you’ll be using them a lot for those reach moves.


Leg Swings: In a controlled way swing your leg front to back and side to side. These are great for loosening up your hips and legs. You know those high steps and fancy footwork you’ll be doing? Leg swings help get you ready for those.


Cat-Cows: This yoga move is perfect for warming up your spine. While on all fours, alternate between arching your back and rounding it. It’s like giving your back a nice, gentle wake-up call.


Lunges with a Twist: Step forward into a lunge and then add a twist towards your front leg. This combo is a two-for-one deal – it gets your legs ready while also waking up your torso and back.


Wrist Winds: Rotate your wrists in circles and then flex and extend them. Your wrists and forearms are super important in climbing, especially if you’re gripping onto smaller holds.


Why these stretches? Well, dynamic stretches are all about movement, which helps increase blood flow and get your muscles and joints ready for action. They’re like a pre-climb rehearsal for your body, telling it, “Hey, we’re about to do something awesome, so let’s get ready!” Plus, they can help reduce the risk of injury, which is always a win.


Post-Climb Cool Down


Cooling down is crucial for muscle recovery and flexibility. Here are five stretches to help you wind down after a climb:


Child’s Pose: Sink into this one and let your back, shoulders, and arms relax. It’s a gentle way to stretch out those areas that have been working hard while you climb. Plus, it’s super calming.


Forearm Stretch: Extend your arm, palm up, and gently pull back on your fingers. Your forearms have been gripping like champs, so this stretch is like a thank you to them. It helps prevent stiffness and soreness.


Seated Straddle: Spread your legs and lean forward as far as comfortable. This gives your hamstrings, inner thighs, and lower back a nice stretch. Those areas can get tight from all the fancy footwork on the wall.


Doorway Chest Stretch: Stand in a doorway, arms on the frame, and gently lean forward. This opens up your chest and stretches your shoulders. It’s great after all the pulling movements you do while climbing.


Butterfly Stretch: Sitting down, bring the soles of your feet together and gently press your knees down with your elbows. This one’s awesome for your hips and inner thighs, which are crucial for those wide steps and high foot placements.


These stretches give your muscles a well-deserved break, reduce soreness, and prepare you for your next climb.


This partnership with Boardroom Climbing Wimbledon is more than an exclusive discount; it’s an invitation to explore, challenge yourself, and join a community that shares a passion for climbing.


Whether you’re taking your first steps on the wall or looking to refine your technique, Boardroom Climbing in Wimbledon is waiting for you!


If you would like more advice about injury prevention or recovery, please contact our physiotherapy clinic in Wimbledon today.

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